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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  December 19, 2009 7:00am-7:59am EST

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out there. you wouldn't know. but i'm not going to -- this isn't going to be the little secret. i'll scream it from the mountaintops. don't let this happen. i owe him that much. right now on msnbc, a wintry wallop up and down the east coast. storm warnings from north carolina to some new england states. record numbers. more than two feet of snow could fall in d.c., new york and parts of virginia.
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we'll have the latest weather channel forecast and also live reports. climate confusion? president obama returns to d.c. in a snowstorm after brokering a deal on climate change. is it really a final agreement? the magic number. senators back on the hill today as the health care fight stretches through the weekend do. the democrats now have 60 votes to pass that bill? a very good morning, everyone. i'm christine welker in for alice witt. some last municipality shopping tips for the holiday for you. first, let's get right to that breaking news a. huge snowstorm in the mid-atlantic states and residents in the northeast are breaking for the very worse. here's how the situation looks at the white house. snow pagan falling late yesterday. the mayor of d.c. has declared a snow emergency. let's move north from there to new york city. no snow now but snow expected to
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begin falling in the region a little later today. bill has the latest on the storm's pat. good morning to you. >> as advertised, a historic snowstorm on the way through the mid-atlantic region an looks to head to southern new england today. heavy snows fell from ashville, care liolin carolina, to roanoke and to d.c. you can see the whiteout on this map. this storm is huge. we have snow flying all the way back to indian a and southern pennsylvania and heavy snow through the delmarva region. if the visibility gets down to a half mile or less, we consider that heavy snow. baltimore, half mile visibility,
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and d.c. half mile visibility there. 'll be bands that come in and out. when they come through, near whiteout conditions. on the coast, we're looking at a little bit of wintry mix. doesn't look like we'll see the heavy snowfall accumulation from maryland to the delaware coast because of warming mixture with sleet. overall, this is a blockbuster event, southern maryland to cape cod and winter storm warnings, bonus, harvard, providence, new york city, and philadelphia and baltimore and washington d.c. electrics like an easy foot of snow. we've already seen it in the mountains of north carolina to roanoke, quickly approach a foot today and daylight hours of d.c. later tonight is when new jersey and new england gets into the mix. how much snow are we talking about? big cities. weather channel forecast calling for 18-24 inches in d.c. history
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and baltimore, philadelphia a foot plus for you and richmond in new york city, we will end up with a foot when all said and done. today, a dangerous day to be traveling. put off your plans until tomorrow. you can get your hour by hour forecast at >> a real wallop of a storm. thank you. we are looking at tysons, virginia where it is coming down hard. the state of virginia has declared an emergency. if you condition, avoid the roads, stay inside, stay bundled up, not a time to be in the storm or on the roads. here's the seen in the southeastern part of the country. quite a mess on the roads. snow falling yesterday. significant power outages, snow causing dangerous conditions in eastern d.c., and so bad a
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portion of interstate 40 was shut down. in north carolina, plows are barely able to keep up with the snow, so much. this is a look at blowing rock in the western part of the state. several inches of snow has already fallen but skiers don't seem to mind too much. why should they. washington d.c. area is really feeling the punch, expecting 12-24 inches of snow. our reporter just filed this report moments ago from tysons corner. take a look. >> reporter: it is pretty bad, as you can imagine. look at what is beneath my feet. 4-8 inches in northern virginia, in the northern sections by louden county, more than 4 inches south and prince william county building up to 8 inches. and v dot more than 1800 trucks on the rod, working a 12 hour shift right now. it has only made a slight
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difference on the interstate. i took i-66 to get out here, it was a very difficult drive. the good news, not many people out there. of the three cars i saw, one was o the side of the road. vdot barely keeping up with this storm and did pretreat roads and gave them a bit of head start but can't run the plows of enough to cope up with this. and the good news is interstate and have made passes with subdivisions but don't want the snow to pile so high they can't move it out of the way. conditions very difficult on the roads, slow going, goes without saying, you shouldn't do out if you don't have to. the ga driving that car behind me can tell you all about it. decided to take off for new jersey last night, got stuck on the interstate and had to be towed into this servicization.
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>> just treacherous driving conditions. look at baltimore, snow coming down steadilily as it is through the d.c. area, a day to stay inside if you possibly can. still ahead. more on snow emergencies in virginia and washington d.c. another lack at the forecast as we continue to track this winter storm. president obama is back state-side arriving under heavy snow amid the u.n. climate talks in copenhagen. this morning, the u.s. agreed to recognize a brokered deal that the accord should rise a maximum of 2 degrees above celsius an off offered $100 billion in annual aid for developing nations by 2020 but the deal is not legally binding. a senior reporter for talking points memo, thanks for joining
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us, appreciate it. president obama has called this unprecedented yet it's notlogically binding. what are the breakthroughs and what's missing? because a lot of people are sayisa saying a lot is missing. >> the big part missing from the united states is a deal from capitol hill on congress and have not agreed to legislation. that makes it tough for other nations to be sure the united states will live up to it part of the bargain. a lot of people saying this is a lot of progress, a big step forward and yet to be determined how many people will follow what they've agreed to. >> does the climate deal actually represent a victory for the president or better to have a scaled back deal in place than no deal at all? >> certainly, it's farther than what we had under president george w. bush, what you will hear the white house say. it's what will end up happening
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if it ends up being a victory. the administration will say it's a victory and put a lot of emphasis on climate talks and sent their green cabinet and president obama closed the summit. made a dramatic deal of him storming into meetings to make sure he could sit down with chinese leaders. i think they're pretty pleased with the way it happened but yet to be determined. >> let's switch over to what's happening in the senate right now, senator dick durbin on the floor right now. what we can say is going to happen today, majority leader harry reid will reveal this new revised version of the health care deal. what can we expect to come out of the senate today? any real progress >> they're voting on troops funding measure the republicans put a slowdown on to slow down the health care process. that will be a large move forward we're going to see in the senate. really, you're going to see whether he has the 60 votes he
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ned to get this done. it's really a race against the clock, a matter of if they can get this done and vote on it by christmas eve. you had vicki kennedy, senator ted kennedy's widow wrote an op-ed in the "washington post" appearing tomorrow asking his former colleagues to back this, saying this is what senator kennedy would have wanted. that may have effect on the senate floor. >> that's the problem alet of division between democrats some saying we should awbandon this bill all together and others saying a bill is better than no bill. will they come to a solution >> it's matter of whether progressive senators have a bill less progressive than they want to see and those saying the good things in the bill insuring 30 million americans. the conservative democrats don't want to see a lot of other
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measu measures progressive democrats do and one group call the other's bluff and move saying the bill should be defeated. it's complicate to see if they can reach that 60. >> i couldn't have to tell you the other news, the weather there. do you think it will impact what's going on in the senate today? >> fortunately not very many people on the roads so very slow going getting to the studio. it worked out. overnight, they brought in cots for senators to sleep in. chuck grassley, from iowa tweeted he was spending the night in his office because he does not want to miss a vote. he has very good attendance records and slept there. i think you will see members make a lot of jokes on the floor about the snow and make it a
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little more lively. they have a ways to get there. take everybody shut d they'll be there 92. could be a good thing they'll be forced to stay there and come to some resolution. >> that could be one way look at it. tomorrow on "meet the press," the man who sits closest to the oval office and the president's sliding poll numbers and fight for health reform. more on our top story. the massive snowstorm hitting the east coast. we'll show more of pictures, plus coping with cancellations with this storm. what to do if you have a flight this weekend? out of luck? and the fight for business in these final shopping days before christmas. this is msnbc saturday. minute phenomenon from nice 'n easy. rich color
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we are keeping a close eye on the nasty weather slapping parts of the east coast causing several flight cancellations. here's a live look at washington d.c. the snow started falling there last night. the system continues moving north at this hour. residents in the northeast are bracing for the storm's big impact. as much as two feet of snow expected in some areas a. foot of snow on the ground in roanoke, virginia and even more coming. the weather channel is there. what's the latest there? >> you're talking about people bracing for this in the northeast. this is it. you're looking at a lot of nohere. i'm standing in a grassy area. will show you how deep the snow is. keep in mind, it's a grassy
7:17 am
area, not scientific in all but gives you an idea how much snow has started falling since it started snowing at 2:15. this is a regular old ruler and i will push it down and it keeps going. the virginia governor has declared state of emergency. national guard helping people on interstate 81 getting stranded, spotty closures, you can't move. roads around much of the state are compact. >> and ice. crews can only do so much. it has to stop snowing before they clear it out. they clear it out and keeps snowing on top of it. we have potential of breaking a snowfall record. 20-in 20-inches would be an all time snowfall record. getting an early start is not going to help. stay home until the snow stops and crews clear the road. this, by any stretch of imagination is a lot of snow. >> i have to say that ruler said
7:18 am
it all. any major accidents so far? we can see how treacherous the driving conditions are? >> there have been a lot of accidents but no deaths associated with this. this is a lot of snow. if you're not physically fit, this could wear on, you trying shovel it you. want to be careful. first, stay off the roads, it's dangerous. if you're not physically fit, you don't want to be shoveling this. >> thanks show much. joining me live on the phone is tara hamilton, public affairs manager for the washington airport authority. thanks for joining us. >> you're welcome. >> what's the latest situation with the airport. what types of cancellations are we looking at? >> euroyour previous interview the stage. this weather has had a tremendous impact on scheduled flights. airlines whoa operate out of
7:19 am
washington airports were very proactive and many canceled flights today and limited fli t flights scheduled, had international flights arrive at dulles and some flights taking off, a handful of flights at reagan national. we are advising and airlines, rather than calling the 800 number, go to their airline website and try to reschedule their flights there. >> what is your advice for travelers who might want to travel tomorrow? how long are you actually expecting the airport to essentially be in this mode of not operating? >> we are -- our crews have been working ever since the snow started yesterday evening. we will continue to work on our airfields, to make sure they're open and able to handle the flights, once the airlines are able to come back and resume their schedules.
7:20 am
the weather, you know, has the biggest impact and terms of the severity of the storm will determine when we can start to see normal operations. the other problem, of course, this time of the year, so many people are traveling because of the holidays, it will be very difficult to re-book on flights because so many are full. i know people are wear of that. it's a very unfortunate timing in terms of this weather situation during the holiday period. it will take time to get back on schedule. >> do you have any more advice for travelers in terms of getting refunds? are they guaranteed to get refunds? >> many airlines have put information out, explaining conditions in terms of re-booking. the best advice is deal with your airlines via the website. >> thanks very much. later this hour, more on the ripple effect this storm is
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we have been following a massive winter storm pounding the east coast this morning. look at this scene from washington d.c. you can see the snow falling on the gloirngsd roads treacherous there. people are being advised not go outside if they can prevent it. this is now tysons corner, vimpgt see folks out there braving this weather. see that snow plow there. lots of snow plows out. if you are out, make way for snow plows because they need to get snow off and moving. now a live look at baltimore. it is still dark, sun not up yet
7:25 am
but very snowy, ground completely covered in that snow. we will continue to cover this snow for you throughout the morning. new details in the case of missing utah mother, susan powell. police have served a court order asking local television stifgs raw footage for josh powell, her husband days after he was named the sole person of interest in his wife's disappearance. joining me is pat brown author of "killing for sport," inside the minds of serial killers. thanks for joining us. we appreciate it. >> good morning. >> can you explain what the thought is behind this order for raw video footage of josh powell, susan's husband. >> we don't see it very often. two reason, i would say. one, they want to examine everything he said since his wife went miss, expressions,
7:26 am
behavior, anything he said to see if there's evidence to extract exactly what happened and also for prosecution, to show his demeanor, how did he behave after his wife went missing, if everybody in the circumstantial case was out of body. had been a missing persons case now criminal investigation with foul play suspected. what changed? what do police know? >> i think they knew this from day one and were waiting to see if they have enough evidence. i think they gathered physical evidence, watched his behavior, no change of his story, he lawyered up. they finally admitted he is a person of interest but he's been suspect from day one. >> let's talk about the term "person of interest." police say powell has barely given them and in-depth interview and not spoken publicly about this but hired a criminal defense attorney. what do you think about that? >> he's gotten smart and knows
7:27 am
he shouldn't say anything and his lawyers will tell him to keep his mouth shut. if you're in situation a, it's not somebody else and it's likely to be, you anything you say is going to get you in trouble f. you're totally innocent, defense lawyers say everybody should shut up because you can be pressured into saying things in an interview. if you're totally innocent, there's nothing linking to you the crime f. you're not totally innocent, you have problems. >> people have searched the home two times and searched josh powell's car do. we have any sense what they found in these searches? >> i think they're looking for blood evidence. when they arrived at that house a wet stay in on that carpet and two fans blowing on it. pretty unusual. somebody did really deep cleaning there. susan was killed by home, if, let's say by strangulation there, wouldn't be that much evidence. but if a knife was used, very
7:28 am
violent assault or blood on the rug and why they would expect it to be clean so they're going to look for blood evidence in his house and vehicle. >> thanks for joining us. >> still ahead, more pictures as this powerful snowstorm moves along the east coast. this is tysons corner, virginia, where the snow is coming down. we'll have continuing coverage all morning long. this is msnbc. or just one brita faucet filter. - ( plinks ) - brita. better for the environment and your wallet.
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what do i get my husband? ♪ high-def tv, high-def tv ♪ in 1080p ♪ with 120 hertz, guys are so easy ♪ ♪ high-def tv, high def tv, we really do agree ♪
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7:32 am
amid heavy snow conditions and blizzard warnings in eastern maryland. crews were out in force all night long trying to clear major roads replete with heavy snow. they're barely able to keep up with snow in north carolina, this is a look at blowing rock in the western part of the state. as you can see, several inches of snow have fallen. skiers, they're enjoying it. for more on the first major snowstorm of the season, here's bill karins. good morning to you. >> good morning. your storm update. the heavy snow right on schedule this morning. almost impossible travel around washington d.c., up through baltimore, through wilmington, delaware and philadelphia and soon the conditions of the new jersey turnpike will be getting worse and worse and see the heavy snow in white. we're getting minor mixing but this is on track for a blockbuster event. storm warnings from virginia to southern new england and a few
7:33 am
coast coastal locations with blizzard warning and right through i-95 and look where 6 to 12 inches will be. southern new england a sharp cutoff in albany, new york. and in connecticut, we could get a foot of snow. the big cities, you will dewige this snow. know avoiding that, up to two feet in many big cities. d.c. to new york. temperatures plenty cold a different snow you're used to in new york city, light and fluffy. temperatures only 26 degrees and in the north, heavy windchill. bonus and d.c. windchill of 15. we will get significant blowing and drifting of the snow. the storm is in north carolina and winds picking up in d.c. 20 miles an hour and gusts of 30 and norfolk, 21 and gusts of 30 and soon be seeing heavy weather
7:34 am
conditions in the east coast. >> d.c. area getting pummeled. thank you, bill. today, washington d.c.'s mayor is declaring a state of emergency as snow falls there. this is scene last night at the air force one base ahead of president obama's return from copenhagen. if you're planning to fly, you better listen up. it's treacherous out there. >> it is. with the storm barreling up the east coast, you can imagine we're following a cascade of flight delays and cancellations. here is what we know right now, what you want to know before you catch your flight. excessive delays at richmond international airport, washington dulles, washington's international airport, baltimore washington airport and philadelphia international airport. look at this. this was the scene overnight at
7:35 am
washington's reagan international airport. we expect delays to continue to pile up as the day continues and storm worseness. we're hearing of people camping overnight in several northeastern cities in hopes of catching a flight. >> a lot of people camping overnight i bet. thank you. >> what should people do if scheduled to fly today? >> probably one of the first things, check with your airport a. lot of airports update dating information on the website and important to check with your airline, either online or call the airline first before you go to take off because the last thing you can to do is head to the airport only to find out you have to wait an extra five or six hours or your flight is canceled all together. >> that is no fun, waiting hours in an airport. thank you. good information. let's get a check on the situation north of washington d.c. reporter rosemary connors with
7:36 am
nbc affiliate wcau. live in wilmington, delaware. you're all bundled up and it's coming down. >> reporter: normally, when you and i talk, it's not cold like this. we haven't seen snow like this in a while. we're in wilmington, delaware off route 92. the snow is picking up over the last hour and a half, two hours, people coming out despite the slick conditions on the roads. they're here to try to get the last minute groceries to hunker down for the weekend inside their homes. a few people picking up supplies for crews on the road. weigh saw a couple guys who will be plowing and had shopping carts full of food to bring to the guys plowing the roads out here. we saw the department of transportation in the tri-state area, really getting the roads
7:37 am
ready. have brine solution they've been m mixing since yesterday and penndot has 400 trucks out there, makeing sure roads are safe. most people unless you have to be outside should stay inside. on passenger note, i know you were talking about traveling out there. my younger brother studying abroad in rome, supposed to come back today flying into dulles, not happening, i know my parents are trying to reschedule that flight for him. >> stuck in rome. thanks so much. we see the snow plows behind you. stay safe. it's super saturday and like black friday and cyber monday, one of the most crucial for retail industry. many are saying they expect significant savings today. many more say they're waiting for retailers to drop prices even lower. bertha joins me live. thanks for being here.
7:38 am
we appreciate it. what's the expectation for retailers given this snowstorm. >> it certainly throws a big wrinkle into it. we might be anywhere from flat to up 1.5%, the hopeful forecast. the fact you have a third of the major department stores in the path of the storm this weekend is going to likely hamper those sales. retailers have to be worried. >> is there anything they can do to try to bring in or lure customers despite the snowstorm? >> i don't know. ma maybe a sleigh and eight reindeer. many are likely to reward shoppers. a poll out this week from arg-ubsa lot of us who hadn't finished shopping yet, 80% hadn't said because they're waiting for bargains. 60% surveyed said they're waiting for bargains above 50%, want it super cheap.
7:39 am
in some cases because they're paying with a christmas bonus they're expecting, whatever gift they get from employers will use to buy gifts. f online not as big a deal this weekend because people are worried things will get delivered on time i. was looking online, one of the major department stores said if you spent $200, we will chip in for the shipping. and we might be seeing a lot of that with people not get though stores. >> to put in context, this is the crucial time for retailers, right? >> it's the crucial time. this year, you have more people putting off because they're playing the game of chicken with retailers, looking for big bargains, retailers trying to scare us this year saying we're not carrying as much. luxury retailers cut back 20%. however, if they aren't going to
7:40 am
sell this weekend, they have to do something getting closer to christmas so procrastinators be warned >> i have to say, i'm one of those procrastinators. we're saying that might not be the worst thing this year, to go out later, might find really good deals. >> it might not be the worst thing nor a shopper. you might not necessarily find exactly what you're looking for because i was looking on super safer websites, major retailer offering a sale, the same sweater last week for $80 is $60 however they didn't have the color and size i wanted for the $60 sweater. bargains are out there, you might have to hunt a little harder. you will find them, god bless you, if you are out there in person. >> you might not find what you want is what you're saying. thank you so much. it is the last place you might want to be today, in an airport.
7:41 am
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just 2 aleve have the strength to relieve arthritis pain all day. we are following breaking news this saturday morning a major winter storm moving up the east coast right now a live look at tie sons corner, virginia, the snow is really coming down and starting to pile up there. you can see that car in a pile of snow. let's go live to washington d.c. and weather channel, mike seidel, you guys are getting hit hard out there, mike. >> reporter: the question, this morning is how will this affect the retail industry. usually the saturday before christmas this is busiest shopping day of the year, as far as register receipts. we'll see how that goes. poor travel this morning. our truck operator took three hours to get here. normally a 45 minute drive.
7:45 am
very poor travel. this is wisconsin avenue, western d.c. we can see the roads here. it's snowing pretty hard and will snow like this through this evening. we expect 24 inch, historic storm in atlanta. the airport is open but no planes flying and the ravens-bears game moved back to 4:00. the bears tried to fly last night. sat on the tarmac in chicago and flight canceled and will try to fly into baltimore. back to you. >> that says it all. 6 inch, unbelievable. several flights have been canceled or delayed along the eastern seaboard. joining us is tracy from trim a. how you're? >> good morning. >> many airplanes are cans selling flights ahead of the storm. what do you say to passengers whose flights are canceled?
7:46 am
just out of luck >> the best advice is have your patience intact. snow is considered and act of god. you need to bear with airports and staff there and exercise your patience. >> what obligations do airlines to have passengers? are they obligated to refund their tickets or make sure they get on a flight? >> they can make sure they get on a flight. passengers need to deal with customer service counters. unfortunately there, will be long lines and lots of questions. passengers need to stay informed and hopefully airlines will do a good job dheeof keeping passeng informed of their flight status and getting to their destination safely. >> mike just talked about the fact the bears were stuck on the tarmac but for the average person, what do you do if you're stuck on a tarmac but for the
7:47 am
average person, can you say, i don't want to be here, i want off this plane? >> you try to keep everybody calm and informed and keep them mobile. unfortunately sometimes they can get on the tarmac and at the mercy of the air traffic control. they will not fly if it is not safe. it is all for your safetydy but it depends. hopefully they're not stuck on the tarmac. >> which brings us to your original concern, patience. we have been showing pictures offer treacherous roads all day long. what's your advice for people who might have to get into cars and drive on the roads? >> our advice is if you do not have to go on the roadway, not to but if you have to brave the storm, storm, exercise caution, make sure you and your passenger are buckled up and give extra room between motorists and you and
7:48 am
extra room, exercise caution. >> a lot of things people forget there, are a lot of snow plows. you have to be careful and keep caution to the snow plows. >> you do. they're out there doing their jobs trying to get motorists to their destination safely. you want to give them a wide berth to do their job because they're out there for our safety. >> thanks so much. >> thank you. >> keep it mere on msnbc for continuing coverage of this brutal storm. live updates for you all morning right here on msnbc saturday. whether or not "avatar" is the hottest movie at the box office burt is it worth spending nearly three hours of your time? stay with us. you're watching msnbc. saturday.
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so you feel better... knowing doctors recommend tylenol more than any other brand of pain reliever.
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we are following breaking news this morning. a major winter storm pounding the east coast. you are taking a live look at tyson's corner in virginia where you can see the snow is
7:52 am
completely coming down, and the roads are completely covered with snow, treacherous driving conditions out there. now, let's take a look and you can see that it really is just almost whiteout conditions. they have declared a state of emergency in virginia. now, we're taking a look at the white house, and snow coming down over the white house. a very snowy washington, d.c. there, as the senate convenes they are talking about the health care bill this morning amidst this very snowy backdrop in washington, d.c. again, officials are warning people to stay inside their homes to stay off of the roads. they say the drives conditions are just treacherous. now look at the map of the actual snowfall. you can see there are one to three inches that has already come down in the white areas. in the gray area, rather. three to six in the white areas and 6 to 12 in those pink areas. as much as 12 inches in that purple area there. so we are certainly being
7:53 am
pounded on the east coast. stay with msnbc for continuing coverage of this snowy wallop on the east coast including live reports and weather channel updates. christmas is now less than a week away. do you know who's on your naughty and nice lists? today win california hotel is offering its take with a window display. this is the citizen hotel in sacramento. on its naughty list, reality show parents jon and kate gosselin, pop singer chris brown, maria shriver and tiger woods who actually bumped off a local political fund-raiser to make that list. sure he's not happy about that. and the hotels deemed nice, singer taylor swift and first lady michelle obama. santa's always watching. after 15 years and $300 million, today's massive snowstorm in the northeast and mid-atlantic states could derail film director jim camerons big
7:54 am
movie debut weekend. "avatar" proves he still has the midas touch. see why it's still a must-see. >> legendary mountains floating of pandora? heard of them? >> getting close. >> oh, mow god. >> ooh. suspense. is "avatar" poised to become bigger than "titanic," editor at large for "lifestyle" magazine. tell us about this movie, this much-anticipated movie? >> a james cameron epic and does not disappoint. it's really, really fantastic. the best way to describe it, it's "star wars" meets the "matrix" meets "pocahontas."
7:55 am
basically, this story, a paralyzed marine who gets recruited into a program where he explores this alien world and gets hooked up to an avatar, a ten-foot blue alien, his conscious sns there and he falls in love with one of the natives. a a tale of love, imperialism and the international world. heavy handed with the message, but honestly you don't care because visuals are amazing. >> not just about the story line, right? it's about the technology that's used. tell us about this technology, why it's so mindblowing. >> james cameron developed his own camera for this and basically had to wait for technology to catch up to his vision, why it took so long to get to the big screen. he looked in a cram ra and was able to see alien in this land with motion action technology, a burgeoning field. the widest 3d release ever. a lot of people are watching this weekend. really, one of those mothers you
7:56 am
have to see on the big screen. >> all right. one more -- one more quick look. >> -- when you get stronger. >> she calls me scoun. it means moron. >> one critic went so far as to say "avatar" could be the biggest movie of the decade? >> serious competition. to do that, beat "dark knight," "spider-man," "shrek ii." people are hoping. everybody breathed a big sigh of relief when it earned a few golden globe nominations earlier in the week. really, you just feel like you are there and forget you're watching ten-foot tall blue aliens. >> dawn, sounds fun. thank you for coming by. the worst is yet to come on the east coast as a mammoth snowstorm moves northward. our coverage of the snowy assault continues in a minute with live reports along the east
7:57 am
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